5 easy steps towards better health

For those of us who are, shall say, a bit prone to falling off the waggon with regards to taking care of our health from time to time I wanted to write about five easy steps you can take to improve your health on a small scale that will inspire you to make more changes and feel accomplished. If you haven’t guessed I’m all about progress, not perfection.

Remember, the longest journey always begins with the first steps.

Here’s give simple easy steps you can take towards your journey to health.

1. Drink one glass of water

Drinking eight glasses a day every might seen impossible and daunting, not to mention like you are giving up all other drinks. So why not begin by committing yourself to drinking just one glass a day? Or if you prefer, a 500ml bottle you can sip whilst doing other activities.

2. Eat one piece of fruit

Having a wholly clean or ‘perfect’ diet can seem intimidating and difficult, so why not start by eating just one piece of fresh fruit a day? Or if you prefer you could go for vegetable sticks with dip. Every nutrient counts. Maybe the rest of your diet will suck, but so far you’ve done two things to improve your health – good on you!

3. Take a vitamin

This takes seconds to do but you will reap the benefits and you’ve done yet another small step towards your health.

4. Switch to one decaf drink

All that caffeine does nothing for your body, so if you aren’t ready to quit caffeine, why not try switching one drink a day to decaf? The easiest one to do will be the last drink of the day since most people state their reason for drinking coffee in the morning is to get going. It will also help you get off to sleep better in the evening.

5. Get some sleep

You deserve it. And you’d be surprised how a good night’s sleep will make you feel so much better. So why not go to bed half an hour early or if you’re feeling ambitious, an hour? And with a bit less caffeine in your system you’ll likely feel sleepier and find this step easy than usual and drop off faster.

So there you have it, give easy ways to get started or re-start your health journey. Have you fallen off the waggon? Or are you just starting to do something about your unhealthy diet? Share with me in the comments below.


I’m now on Pinterest!

I recently made a new Pinterest account for my blog and I wanted to share it with you all – click here to follow me.

I use the account to pin ideas for my future home, well-being and health tips, organisation tips, cleaning tips, food and drink ideas and so on.

I’m a big lover of Pinterest and I hope you’ll join me over there!

Happy pinning!

How to become a minimalist: Decluttering techniques

So you’ve decided you want to become a minimalist, but now what? How should you go about it? There are many different strategies for decluttering and I’m going to share them here, and tell you what my favourites are as well.

Fast methods

• The Weekend – This involves setting aside a couple of days to work on your life and completely reinvent it. Make sure you stock up on bags and boxes beforehand and scope out places where you can donate or recycle what you no longer need or want.
• One touch – This method was popularised by Marie Kondo in her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, the basic premise is that you go through all of your possessions and ask yourself if they spark joy for you, and only allow yourself to answer once.
• Packing party – Okay so this method actually takes a few weeks, depending on how long you want to wait, but you can have instant results – essentially you pack up everything you don’t think you need or want, then put it out of the way for a month or so. At the end of the month whatever you didn’t retrieve gets donated.

Slow methods

If fast methods aren’t for you – then there are a number of different strategies you can utilise to keep the ball rolling at a much more leisurely pace that doesn’t need to totally disrupt your life.

• 1 item per day – Created by Colleen of 365LessThings.com, the idea is to donate, recycle or use up one item per day. At the end of the year you’ll have 365 less things in your home to take care of. This works particularly well for those who feel anxious about decluttering and can be couple with other techniques such as ‘Use it up’.
• 1 area at a time – This method involves dividing up your home into areas, how small or big you want those areas to be is up to you, you could go as small as individual draws or a room, and then tackle one per week.
• Layers – This involves repeated sessions of decluttering coupled with reduced spending over a period of time to peel back the clutter like layers.
• Games – Choose a number or a colour and then declutter accordingly, this can be fun and is good for those who like a challenge but don’t want to spend an entire weekend Decluttering.
• Use it up – If you’re of a more frugal mentality then you might want to consider trying to reduce your spending and instead ‘shop’ from inside your home: this can include books you have never read, films you never watched, foods you need to eat up, bathroom products that need using up – essentially anything you have in excess make a goal of not buying and instead try to use what you own.

General advice

• Aim for good enough, not perfection. In the age of Instagram this is even more important to remember – your version of minimalism does not have to be perfect.
• This is good advice for sorting areas which have been cluttered with mixed items rather than items of a particular type – as you declutter an area take each item immediately to where it belongs – if you are donating some items after, leave yourself plenty of time to take them there. This was a great concept I learnt from Nony at ASlobComesClean.com, her theory being if you create piles of items which need to be somewhere else, let’s say the laundry basket, papers for filing and some items to return to your child’s bedroom – if you get interrupted there is a high chance that your new, smaller piles will end up merging back together into one big mess again. However if you immediately take that sock to the laundry basket, file those papers but don’t get around to fixing the rest, you have still made good progress.
• If you take don’t feel able to declutter everything in one go, don’t beat yourself up about it but instead acknowledge your progress. Sometimes change takes time, especially letting go.
• Ask yourself why you are keeping something – and be honest with yourself about it. How does the item make you feel? Does it bring back good memories but you resent having to clean it,

What method did you use on your journey towards becoming a Minimalist? Share with me in the comments below.